LA Confidential by James Ellroy

Three LAPD detectives are brought face to face with the secrets of their corrupt and violent careers. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Liam Bushbyfrom the UK

Liam Bushby is an illustrator and art director. By day he works in a London ad agency and by night he illustrates posters, book covers and album covers. He loves music and walking his imaginary dog.

Why this work

“I chose this book as I spent some time in LA last year. There is a really strange and unique feel to the place and having not read a lot of the other books, it definitely felt this one would be a good fit.” “What I’ve done with the cover: When it came to an idea for the cover, it didn’t take too much thought. I explored a few ideas but this felt the simplest and strongest as a cover. I also didn’t want it to be too cryptic or indulgent, as it quite easily could have become. I liked the mix of a big visual and small title, and also the way I could incorporate a brief synopsis of the story line seamlessly into the design.”