Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

How Wilbur the pig was saved by the literary genius of a friendly spider. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Studio NMOfrom the UK

Studio NMO is a London based design agency led by creative design director Nima Falatoori, who previously led projects at award winning design agencies Intro, Research Studios and Me Company. Nima also offers his expertise as external consultant and visiting tutor to the BA (hons) Graphic Design course at Ravensbourne College. Studio NMO produces original, engaging, effective results in print design, brand identity, art direction, digital, interactive, 3D and environment design. He believes this can only be achieved by an acute understanding of the personality of the project right from the very start of the design process, and use this information to craft and drive his visual strategy.

Why this work

“My first memory of reading Charlotte’s Web was in the early 1980s. It was being read to us on an unusually warm, sunny day towards the end of the summer term in a small village primary school in the rural suburbs of South Wales. Daydreaming whilst looking out at the fields from the window and the dappled light playing against the walls in the classroom, I didn’t pay much attention to the book, until all of a sudden, a strange quirky word was read out from deep within the pages by our teacher: “Salutations!”. I had never heard such a odd sounding word before. I was pulled into focus to the following words as I attempted to understand what the word meant. From there on I became enthralled by this beautifully written story and how simple words that this small spider spun played such an integral part in communicating the profound, humanistic concepts within. I think it was from here that I learnt to love the power of the written word in its simplest form and how it could then shape people’s perception of the world around them.” “This poster design is my visual interpretation of this personal discovery and understanding of the communicative power of the written word which to this day drives my existence and everyday life.”