Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Secures Woolf's position as one of the great twentieth-century English novelists. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Amy Blackwellfrom the UK

Born to doodle. Brought up in the middle of England surrounded by all the inspiring creative goings on in the family home Amy Blackwell knew from a very early age art was where she felt most comfortable. She pulls out animals, people, places, patterns and treasures from the depths of her imagination and puts them into her pictures. Right now her favourite colour is yellow.

Why this work

“I picked Mrs Dalloway because of when it’s set. My imagination lights up when I’m confronted with stories and pictures from post-war England and the early 20s. It was a time when society got tipped upside down and change was unavoidable. I didn’t find it an easy book to read and I read and listened to a few other stories based on Mrs Dalloway as well to help explore the narrative. The characters stream of consciousness flits from one subject to the next, again and again. My illustration focuses on singling out those moments - A pause for thought.”