Ulysses by James Joyce

Also pursued by the British police, this is a novel more discussed than read. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Brandon Bedawfrom the United States

Brandon Bedaw is a graphic designer based out of Keene, New Hampshire in the United States. He works under the banner of his company, babycart design, where he primarily designs gig & movie posters and album art, with other bits of nonsense thrown in here and there.

Why this work

“By shining his spotlight on one day in the lives of a few citizens of Dublin, Ireland, Joyce took the mundane and commonplace and turned it into an epic of heroic proportions, more than earning the lofty gravitas of its title. Despite its reputation as being a book one must surmount, Ulysses is an ode to the beauty of the little things in all of our lives. For this poster, I played with the idea of walking through the streets of Dublin by charting the path of a faceless man as he makes his way between the burning castles of the city’s coat of arms.”