When we started this project, we didn't dare dream it would turn out into this wonderful collection that resonates so strongly. Our project got mentioned in The Observer New Review, the leading Belgian newspaper and Elle Decoration Norway. With no media budget at all, we had +250,000 pageviews, +150 blog posts, 1100 'genuine' facebook likes and thousands of tweets, ...

Our first expo in Antwerp City Hall was a succes with nearly 1000 visitors in 5 days. Since then, we've been offered to exhibition in the most exciting places. Unfortunately, organising an expo is a costly affair and setting up and managing a project like this, is very time consuming.

It turned out a lot to handle for a small graphic design studio. Therefor most of those appealing opportunities have just passed by due to lack of time and budget. But with a little help, we can let this project reach its full potential! And who knows, we might even start dreaming about rolling out the sequal.

So if you like our project and would like to see more projects like this one and you, your organisation or your company can help us in any way, contact us or press the button below to make a donation using paypal or any of the big credit cards.

We'd like to thank

_ All contributing artists
_ Our team @ beshart (Inge & Elien) for all their hard work
_ Steve and Roel at Canon Belgium for believing in the project and letting us test print the posters
_ The staff from Vlerick Business School Ghent, Leuven for their support
_ Julia Pax for organising Blicksprung
_ The people at MuntPunt (especially Charlotte), for making I BOOK YOU a wonderful series of events
_ Stefanie at Canon Germany, for printing the entire collection on the Océ Colorwave Poster Printer for the expo in Schwäbisch Hall
_ Ton Harmes from Selexyz Dominicanen and VVV Maastricht, for organising the TEFAF Parade