Sprakeloos by Tom Lanoye

In this book Lanoye describes his own mother and her decline after a stroke.

The work

For the new cover of the novel 'Sprakeloos' (Speechless) Veerle Symoens started from a strong female image like the ones often found in magazines from the '50s and '60s and covered the face with materials she tore away elsewhere. The novel is about the writer's mother who was affected by aphasia (speechlessness) after a stroke.

The artist: Veerle Symoensfrom Antwerp (BEL)

Veerle Symoens (1980 - Antwerp) creates mixed media collages and art works with personal photographs and images from magazines. She puts in an extra personal dimension by drawing, painting and various collage techniques. Sometimes pieces are torn away and later on enlarged and glued together. The female figure is often a central subject in her work.