Van den Vos Reynaerde by Willem die Madoc maecte

This 13th century novel tells the tale of a day at the Court of King Nobel. All animals appear, except one: the fox, Reynaert. Several animals complain about the villainy of Reynaert, and King Nobel decides to summon the fox to Court.

The work

"Van den vos Reynaerde" is novel with a villain in the lead role (!) and I really love the allegorical theme (animal farm/ puss in boots). It is a medieval tale with still a very topical subject. It remains a challenge to design because of the countless wonderful illustrations ever since the first version. 

The artist: Tom Mannaertsfrom Antwerp (BEL)

Ever since graduation in 2000, Tom has been working and playing as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and artist in Antwerp.
With his own printing press and background he is specialized in paperworks.