Herzog by Saul Bellow

Adultery and nervous breakdown in Chicago. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Bob Haentjensfrom Belgium

After his photography studies in Antwerp and touring Europe as bass player in a punkrock band, Bob decided to focus on graphic design. He worked on the graphical team of a magazine for a few years before launching the graphic design studio beshart with his brother Tom in 2008. Creating images, playing with light and experimenting with typography are the things he enjoys the most.

Why this work

“Never having read the book before, I was drawn to it by the title. A name. The book is about a writer and academic, Moses E. Herzog, experiencing a midlife crisis. His wife has left him and his friend wants to get him committed. In an attempt to write off his problems, he types letters (he rarely actually sends) to his ex-wife, family, friends, celebrities, ... In his letters, Moses writes about disappointments and apologizes for letting others down.
The urge to write letters fades away when he straightens out his life after doing time in jail for an attempt to kill his ex-wife and her boyfriend. I chose a black and white image to depict the depressive nature of the book, with letters hanging in the void, because they never really got send. For the letters and wrapping of the title actual pages of the book were used.”