USA by John Dos Passos

An extraordinary trilogy that uses a variety of narrative devices to express the story of America. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: David Crunellefrom Belgium

Besides being an art director located in Brussels, David Crunelle is also an photographer and graphic designer. He is a teacher for Bachelor students of Visual Communication.

Why this work

“Why did I pick this book? Passionate about American history, the trilogy from John Dos Passos shows in an innovative way the early 20th century American life through 12 characters. Mixing newspaper articles, the way Dos Passos testified the building of a country is a unique piece of art in literature.“ “About the interpretation: On the upper part, the poster shows the American Presidents active during the book’s years, standing in front of technologies and tools which have developed the country. Below stands a rough shape of the USA (and its then 48 states). The separation tends to symbolise the constant distance - both political and social - between the hard working people who build such a huge country. About the content: All used images are from copyright free sources (Wikipedia).”