Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Dystopian fantasy about the world of the seventh century AF (after Ford). ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Mark Alastairfrom the UK

With a degree in illustration from the University of Brighton, Mark has taken part in a number of exhibitions and works on a freelance basis as an illustrator and graphic designer Inspired by vintage photography, poster art and abstract painting, his work combines elements of drawing, mark-making and printmaking techniques to create digital imagery.

Why this work

“I first read Brave New World as a teenager, and since it resonated with me then, I was interested in revisiting the novel and exploring it from a visual perspective. In developing the poster I looked at Futurism art as it seemed to resonate with the novel in terms of concepts and subject matter. I was also inspired by the bold simplicity of communist propaganda posters which evoke themes of suppressed individuality and social conditioning..“