The Trial by Franz Kafka

The enigmatic story of Joseph K. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Samuel Vanderveken from Belguim

Samuel Vanderveken holds a degree in Fine Arts/Painting since 2008 with a history in graphic design and illustration. After his graduation he started a non-profit organisation, Opa Malyn vzw, to organize all kinds of stuff together with other young artists. Most of his time he grinds away in his studio, creating free work or doing some freelance assignments (next to drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, spinning records, watching movies and occasionally reading a book).

Why this work

“I chose The Trial, because I’m a tremendous fan of Franz Kafka’s work. I’m an enthusiast of the absurd philosophy (regarding the human condition) that shimmers through almost all of his writing. For the cover design I chose to use the title. Kafka never finished it and it was published after his death by Max Brod. But it never got published under the title “Der Process”. In fact, Kafka never intended to publish it (!), as he didn’t even like it. So in fact, it should be read as a work in progress, with lots of possible interpretations. For the design of the cover I decided to create an abstract image that relates to the complexity of the story. Just as the book it can have different readings and the process of the drawing is still partly visible. I don’t really wish to give away what the main idea was behind the drawing. If you ever read the book, or are planning to read it, I’m sure you will understand. I hope you enjoy it! “