The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

A revenge thriller also set in France after Bonaparte: a masterpiece of adventure writing. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Tobias Loves Cristinafrom Spain

Tobias Loves Cristina is a small Barcelona based design studio. “We try to practice what we preach, especially the ‘love’ bit” they say. Tobias Loves Cristina looks at design more or less like they look at life itself: “It needs to be Honest, Accessible and Fun”.

Why this work

“The book of our choice for this project is The Count of Monte Cristo, an epic story about revenge that is a long but very good read. We realized very early on that it would be very difficult to convey the true sentiment of this 800+ pages long masterpiece on a poster to someone that has not read the book. So we started looking at the relationship between a book cover and it’s content and how that relationship is affected when you separate the two: In our minds the cover is the entry point or portal of the book and its main function should be to guide you to the content itself. But by making a poster of the book cover, we feel that this relationship is lost or broken. Our aim therefore became to make a poster that maintains the characteristics of a book cover and continues to function as an entry point to the content, even though it has been separated from it. We solved this by creating a poster with a simple printed link to a free online version of the book. In this way we solved our problem of the book cover/content relationship, but we also created a simple way for everyone (who sees the poster) to enjoy this fantastic work of art created by Alexandre Dumas.”