Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

The first English novel. ...more info on wikipedia

About the artist: Dima Bouladfrom Libanon

Dima Boulad is a Lebanese graphic and motion designer, working in and from Beirut. She enjoys experimenting with colours and forms, and enjoys drawing on big surfaces and walls!

Why this work

“To visually represent Robinson Crusoe’s wild life in a book cover: The DoeDeMee project gave me the possibility to dive into this breathtaking story again. The struggle between Nature and Culture is one important theme in the book. Robinson, finding himself alone on a deserted island, tried having a system by counting the days of his existence alone. But this system slowly got eaten up by nature and wild life through his encounter with Friday. The book cover is in Arabic: it reads Daniel Defoe, and under it: Robinson Crusoe.”